I Destroy U!!

Black Friday!

Happy USA Thanksgiving Day. I hope you guys (and gal) participating in the Secret Santa are remaining diligent. Take advantage of Black Friday deals if you like, because next week is the last chance you have before mailing the presents!
I would like a new washing machine, if my gift giver is reading. I'm pretty sure my current old hand-me-down isn't suppose to leak water during loads....
I don't look forward to buying on myself only because of the tedious research involved! It's like when I had to buy a vacuum...or the car. BLEARARGH.

Work is nuts with Black Friday stuff too. Lots of staff are looking up what's for sale online and we're all pooling together on multiple purchases. I found a lot of skeleton themed shirts cheap @ threadless.com I intend to wear at work!
I was hoping for more sound F/X gizmos, since my Mario one is dying again...

Probably won't be traveling for New Years in anticipation of a Vegas trip in Spring. Sorry, Alan. ;(
My co-worker who allowed me to come with for a European tour showed me a big book of travel plans and asked which route we should take. It's kinda' exciting to pick and choose foreign countries and cities to visit. Won't be happening until 2011, but it's at least plenty of time to set aside the $6000 required. :x

Lots of students hanging around tomorrow at work. I can't keep track of names, so one young lady is dubbed Brittney Spears and I beckon her by yelling out pop song lyrics. I am ruining her for other hospitals! Yay!
I Destroy U!!

Secret Santa

If wiigii folks are interested in a secret santa this year, I'll happily organize it.
Just want to see if there's enough enthusiasm for it before posting it all over the mailing list and such.

Also, is there a plan for New Years? I find myself in a unique position of having a week off during that time....

I Destroy U!!

I miss all the fun!

I'm so caught up in the things happening in my life I forgot about Maggie and David's wedding. D:
It was probably a blast and if it was feasible for me to attend (I'd crash it! HA HA HA HAAAA!) I'm sure it'd have been the highlight of my year!

Busy stuff happened that day as I was invited to dinner at my boss's house, along with the previous boss who retired 2 years earlier. A sign of things to come? I sure hope not. Being the boss sucks.

Especially in the medical field.

A co-worker my age and her sister are planning a trip to Europe in 2011 and I invited myself along. If it works out, it'll be very exciting seeing as I've never left North America before.

Speaking of work yet again, everyone fell in love with Professor Layton puzzles, but I brought over Scribblenauts and people went $#@&-bonkers insane! We put in all our professions, gave us weapons and fought vampires and dinosaurs.

Also time to start looking into finding servers and hosting my own comics privately. I hate internet work almost as much as being a medical boss.
I Destroy U!!

Yay viruses!

I have to live off of my laptop for a while as some horrible bit of programming ravages my desktop. Ah well. Who needs to play Left 4 Dead and watch Swat Kats cartoons? ;(

I have yet to see GI Joe. Since I absolutely despised Revenge of Fallen (I can't bring myself to look at anything that reminds me of that film), I was hesitant to even care about the Joe movie. My ardent GI Joe fan friend did assure me it's watchable, and based on other people's comments I feel I would enjoy it. It's just too bad District 9 was released so soon after, since that's what I ended up spending my brief moment of non-work viewing.

Amazon.ca had a sale I was interested in, but I required just a few more dollars for the free shipping. I added the Allspark Almanac. It better be as good as you folks praise it to be!

It's too hot out. I'd fan myself on the porch if I had such items....

Showed this to almost every department at the hospital. Everyday we shout out "ALAN! AL! ALAN!" at least once. ;D
I Destroy U!!

I can post more often again

After my trip from BotCon, things have been nuts here. EVERYONE in my department is going on vacation, thus resulting in more work for us shlumps who are left behind. That kinda' drains my enthusiasm for, say, journal writing. Coming back from Comic-Con helped reguvinate me, however.

Alan, I forgot to say it before, but thank you so much for mailing me the camera stuff I left behind at BotCon. I forgot I even had the unopened package in my kitchen until the day before Comic-Con and was in a rush to pack everything. I apologize for the lateness of this acknowledgment of your selfless gesture. :X

Comic-Con was really enjoyable, because I didn't have an excuse to hang out in any tedious lineups. I saw Kevin Eastman at a booth and just walked right up for a book and sketch (Shredder and Krang!). The Brave and the Bold panel was easy to get into and I enjoyed an episode of Mayhem of the Music Meister. The rest of my time was spent looking at hidden gems in misc. booths, hanging out with great people and selling my new book from my new comic.
(http://www.accurseddragon.com/ if you feel so inclined to looksy)

It was also a pleasant surprise to see Steve O there. I may have offended him a bit when I hastily tried to leave him alone when I realized he was to be cashiering and I had books to sell myself. I can't tell!
I doubt the offense happened when I brought dragon dildos into the conversation, however. :p

Flickr hasn't been letting me upload many photos at a time, but I've been putting up my BotCon pics a month at a time. You can see a sampling of them now:
No time to put in comments yet. Later!

Goin' home for the weekend. Summer's almost over and soon no more mosquitoes and overgrown yard greenery to maintain. I'll be so happy....
I Destroy U!!

Some BotCon vids

I haven't been very enthused about posting my stuff lately. Work hasn't been kind to me!
I've just been so busy, that's all...

Here's some videos I quickly uploaded at least:

The music of the BotCon Dinner, LIVE

Careful! Obnoxious BotCon Guy is on the Prowl!